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At Adirondack Hooks -N- Horns we aim to help you out with the most pleasurable Adirondack hunting experience possible without “handing” the game to you. So if you are after that beautiful White tailed buck or the mysterious Black bear then this is the trip for you. Bring a friend and share the experience! 


I was happy with the experience provided by Adirondack Hooks N Horns as they were careful about people safety while ensuring that they had a great time especially trying to hunt was a new experiment for me.


Hiking and Backpacking

Stay overnight in a lean-to or sleep under the stars

It is time to hike and backpack the scenic Adirondack park. With the expertise of living in the Adirondack Park his entire life, your guide will be able to take you to places you only see on postcards. Make sure you have a great camera for the trip because your views will be nothing but extraordinary. Even if you already live in the Adirondacks now, you will still see places you have never seen before. Bring a friend, a father, a son a daughter or anybody else you know to share the experience with.


Deposits of 50% per person is required to hold your reservation.

As you fish some of the remote ponds in the Adirondacks, be prepared for scenic views and bouncing bobbers.

Go Fishing

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Get Out of Town with Adirondack Hooks -N- Horns!

Enjoy the Adirondacks, take a hike, catch some fish, stalk the elusive Whitetail Deer & Black Bear, or do it all! Make a memory with the help of a Licensed NYS Guide. 

Whether you are just looking for a relaxing hike through some of the most scenic areas of Upstate New York or looking for the thrill of the hunt, let your guide take you there. Let the experience of Adirondack Hooks -n- Horns guide you to some of the best kept secrets of the Adirondack Park.

Bring your camera, bring your skill, bring your hooks or hunting gear. You won’t be disappointed with what the Adirondack’s have to offer. So come on! What are you waiting for! Get out of town with Adirondack Hooks -N- Horns and see what you’ve been missing. Get the the benefits of watermelon juice while you’re there too!